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Away from reality,succumbed in fantasy

11 January 1988
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This is Syazanishi_sama ^^
Hajimemashite,Syaza desu! &hearts I love learning Japanese language and can talk a bit of it. Chotto dake. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! &hearts &hearts

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Ah yeah.I like this guy,Akanishi Jin.But my journal from now onward will focused on my daily life as a medical student.

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I am a 4th year medical student of RCSI-PMC. My journal used to be filled-up with fangirling stuffs.ah~~I remember the days when each and every entry will somehow ended up being a fangirling entry.lol. But now, I am getting less involve. Maturity? Or study? Both I suppose. Hence my entries are now mostly on my ramblings of being a medical student.

Certain entries will be locked from public to prevent stalkers.

These guys,they bring me to lj.


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